Faculty of Behaviour Science, SGT University organized a lecture for managing Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Youth

Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Youth on 10th March

Drug abuse and problem of excessive use of alcohol and smoking is very common among young adults. Individuals who begin using substances early in adolescence (before age 14) are five to seven times more likely to develop dependence at some point in their life. Considering the need to spread the knowledge and awareness of managing alcohol and drug abuse in youth Faculty of Behaviour Science, SGT University organized a lecture for managing Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Youth on 10th March, 2016. Dr. G.S. Kaloiya, from AIIMS, New Delhi addressed the students of different faculties in SGT University. Idea of addressing the youth on most prevalent problem is well thought-out by the dean faculty of behavior Sciences Prof. (Dr.) Waheeda Khan. Event started with welcome speech by Dr. Khan. 200 students from different faculties of SGT University attended the lecture along with their faculty members in Medical collage auditorium.
Dr. Kaloiya gave an overview of types of drug and psychoactive substances and its effect on human physical health and psychic state. Understanding the differences in use-abuse and dependence is very important to control the problem in youth. Certain genetic predisposition of developing drug dependences is a point of concern for modern world. From this perspective knowledge about the causes of drug addiction is very important. Interaction with students’ revealed excitement as primary cause of alcohol and drug abuse among youth, however, stress considered second most prevalent reason. Combination of medicin and psychological intervention techniques, such as behaviour therapy are effective treatment solutions. A therapist role is not only to treat the problem but also to maintain the treatment gain. Dr. Kaloiya emphasized on the strategies of relapse prevention. To maintain the gain of treatment these strategies are important to learn by patient and their family members. As family has an important position in life of a person. Role of family support is also recognized.
Lecture followed by discussion with the students. Effectiveness of cigarette in reducing habit of smoking is one among several important questions asked by the students. Dr. Kaloiya discussed all the important aspects of substance dependence. All faculty members of department of Clinical Psychology, SGTU actively participated to make this event successful.