I am worried about my son or daughter. Who do I call?

Unless it is an emergency situation, call the Parent Help Line at- 0124-2278183-186 for advice. After you speak with someone there, a set of conversations can occur among the people most involved in your son's or daughter’s life. If it is an emergency situation, however, call the Sgt Police directly at 100.

How do I send a package to my son or daughter?

You can send by courier at SGT campus 

SGT University

Chandu-Budhera, Gurgaon-Badli Road, Gurgaon (Haryana) - 122505

What are the dates of school breaks so that I can plan my son or daughter's flights home?

Start by accessing the university’s academic calendar. About a three-week break after fall quarter and a one-week break between winter and spring quarters. It is best to wait to learn your son or daughter’s schedule for finals before booking travel tickets. They generally learn that schedule at the beginning of classes each quarter, although it can change.

What do you recommend in terms of airport transportation?

A good place to start planning your trip is the Plan Your Visit site on the Visitor Information pages. It includes links to information about the area airports, including. All of the airport websites have information about transportation options.

What are students' storage options?

The best place to start is with the student hostel

How do I update my address with the university?

Send an email to principal.pharmacy@sgtuniversity.org with all the information.

How do I pay my student's bill? How do I add money to the SGT card plan?

Remember that although SGT acknowledges and respects parents’ financial support, payment is the responsibility of students. (Please provide existing practice how the payment of fee is made by the parents)

Students may authorize parents or others to access their SGT account and make payments on their behalf through, the student database system. The best place to look for more information is the parent pages of the Student Financial Services website.