Research Centre/Commercial Lab

Following over a decade of significant national investment in research, development and innovation, a diverse collection of research centres has been established and these now constitute a substantial part of the publicly funded research base. It is now timely to review how best to support research in the future – in particular those that receive/have received a specific funding stream from a Government department or agency - with a view to further evolving and strengthening the research centre SGT College of Pharmacy made in house research centre as landscape.

The current research capability and infrastructure should be the basis for continued evolution of ever more effective centres. However, it is also recognized that in a healthy research environment a diversity of research centres in terms of scale and mission is both normal and desirable. So, as we look to build on the investments made to date it is recognized that the contribution of industry focused research should be valued to the same extent as academic focused research in order to optimize the overall potential for social and economic returns.