About the Faculty

What is special in SGT, Why Faculty of Law at SGT

1. Experienced teachers from reputed Universities;

2. Curricula and syllabi at par with National Law Universities;

3. Faculty offers interaction with distinguished Lawyers and Law Firms for Live Case Handling Experience;

5. Collaborations and Association with Foreign Professors;

6. Teaching Foreign Legal System to face the challenges of Globalization;

7. Maximum Number of opportunities for interaction with Legal Luminaries through seminars,

8. Conferences and interactive sessions;

9. MoUs with Professional Institutions like Indian National Bar Association, CIRC, etc;

10. Inbuilt coaching modules for Judicial Services and Civil Services Examination.


The faculty of Law came in to existence with its approval by the Bar Council of India vide its letter no. BCI: D: 336 /2014 (LE) dated 15/5/2014.

SGT University felt the need to establish this Faculty of Law for providing highest quality professional legal education to equip Indian students for a trans-national practice and to face challenges posed by globalization.

The Faculty of Law offers the following programmes:

1. B.A LLB (Hons.) 5 years integrated Dual Degree

2. B.B.A LLB (Hons.) 5 years integrated Dual Degree

3. LLB (Hons) 3 years

4. Ph.D. 3 Years

The Faculty of Law comprises of very eminent faculty members with rich experience of working in premier universities of the country. The Faculty of Law is the only law faculty with trimester system in Delhi-NCR for a stress free education and for honing up lawyering skills as practiced in National Law School, Bengaluru.

The Faculty of Law adopts clinical method of teaching to hone up lawyering, arbitration, mediation and client counselling skills. The Faculty of Law follows a continuous evaluation scheme wherein mooting is made a mandatory part of the curriculum to enable students to acquire marks/grades by arguing cases.

1. Vision :  The vision of the faculty of law is to be “recognised nationally and globally for excellence in clinical legal education, community based outreach programmes, socially relevant research and for honing up lawyering, Arbitration, Mediation and client counselling skills.”

2. Mission :

To impart professional legal education through innovative clinical methods;

To collaborate with leading law schools globally recognised for imparting clinical legal education;

To promote profound research in law resulting in socially relevant outcomes;

To plan and execute outreach activities beneficial to the immediate community and society at large;

To impart lawyering, Arbitration, Mediation and Client counselling skills;

To facilitate interaction with nationally and internationally renowned role models in the legal profession;

To provide opportunities to intern with leading Activists, Lawyers, Judges, Law firms,

Corporate Legal Departments and other Eminent Legal Professionals.

3. Core values

  • Dedication - In whatever we do

  • Honesty - In all walks of life

  • Humane Approach - To every issue

  • Integrity - In adherence to a strict moral/ethical code

  • Respect - For all

  • Selflessness - In service to humanity

  • Sincerity - In everything we commit