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This branch of physical therapy focuses on the problems from the muscular skeletal system (muscles, bones, ligaments or tendons). Physical therapy in this area deals with diagnosing, managing and treating injuries and problems from the muscular and skeletal methods and rehabilitating right after orthopedic operations, as well. Joint and spine mobilization/manipulation, therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular reeducation, hot/cold packs, and electrical muscle stimulation and other modalities often used to expedite recovery in the orthopedic settings. Orthopedic Physical Therapy Rehabilitation includes-

·         Pre and Post Surgical Care of all Orthopedic Conditions

·         Balance/Vertigo Rehabilitation

·         Postural Training

·         Arthritis Management

·         Back/Neck Rehabilitation

·         Joint Pain Management

·         Headache Management

·         Manual Therapy/McKenzie Treatment

·         Spinal Stabilization

·         Muscle and Ligament Strains and Sprains

·         Myofascial Release

·         Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders

Services Available:

- Manual Therapy Unit

- Pain Management Clinic

TENS, IFT, SWD, Hydro collator packs, Cryo therapy, Ultrasound, Infra Red lamp

Wound healing Unit

He-Ne LASER Therapy, UVR

 -Exercise therapy Unit.

Shoulder Wheel, Multi GYM, Quadriceps Table, Suspension Therapy, Weight Cuffs,

Dumbells,CPM, Finger Ladder Bar, Exercise Stair Case Motorized Treadmill, Static Cycle,

Postural Mirror, Parallel Bars, Heel & Ankle Exerciser, Thera bands ,Thera tubes

-Electro Therapy Unit

Electrical Stimulation Therapy, Wax Bath, Combo therapy, TENS, IFT, Whirlpool Bath

Ergonomic Unit

Ergonomics Unit

The Ergonomics Unit conducts ergonomic related research. It performs ergonomic risk assessments at various workplaces. The unit also offers ergonomics training to occupational health practitioners and responds to queries on ergonomic issues such as manual material handling, musculoskeletal disorders, computer workstation design and layout.

-Hand Rehabilitation Unit

Peg Boards, Geometric Shape Board, Graded Round Peg Board, Magnetic Peg Board,

Size Perception peg Board, Size Perception Square Board, Grip Exerciser,

 Hand Exercise Table.

-Sports Physiotherapy Unit

Deals with

  • Prevention of Injuries
  • Sports injury management and Rehabilitation

-Orthosis and Prosthesis Unit

AFO,AK Prosthesis, Aeroplane Splint,BE Prosthesis,BK Prosthesis, BK Caliper,CTEV Shoes, CDH Splint, Dynamic Cock Up Splint, Elbow Brace, Femoral Fracture Brace, Grinder Machine,  Jigsaw Cutter, LATHE Machine, Humerus Brace, Low temp Thermoplastic Sheets, PTB Brace, Silicon Cup Heels, SOMI brace, Taylor Brace


Cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation physical therapists treat a wide variety of individuals with cardiopulmonary disorders or those who have had cardiac or pulmonary surgery. Primary goals of this department include increasing endurance and functional independence. Manual therapy is used in this field to assist in clearing lung secretions experienced with cystic fibrosis. Disorders, including heart attacks, post coronary bypass surgery, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and pulmonary fibrosis, treatments can benefit from cardiovascular and pulmonary specialized physical therapists.

Services Available

-Pulmonary function test by computerized Spirometry

Exercise Tolerance Testing

Respiratory Muscle Endurance Training
- Incentive Spirometry

-Pressure Threshold devise

 ICU Care

The neuro-rehabilitation unit  Specialises in the management of patients with neurological conditions. These include Alzheimer's disease, ALS, brain injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injury, and stroke. Common impairments associated with neurologic conditions include impairments of vision, balance, ambulation, activities of daily living, movement, speech and loss of functional independence. . The aim of the NRU is to optimise an individual's physical, psychological, social and vocational/educational function by providing a focussed and response multidisciplinary service. 

 Services Available:

  • Adult Neuro Rehabilitation:
  • Pediatrics Neuro Rehabilitation:
  • Basic gait training including over ground walking area, parallel bar walking with postural mirror.
  • Obstacles avoidance training.
  • Constraint induced movement therapy (CIMT)
  • Advance upper limb skill training.
  • Functional Balance training.
  • Endurance Training.
  • Functional development training including head control, sitting and standing control.
  • Gait training including over ground walking with pediatric walker, rollator & treadmill training.
  • Parental guidance and counseling
  • Electro Diagnosis:
    Neuro Conduction Velocity test (NCV)

           Electromyography ( EMG)


Sensory Evaluation Kit, Hand held Dynamometer, Static Cycle, Motorized Treadmill, Wrist Evaluation Kit, Cryo Compression Unit,  Inclinometer, Combo therapy, Spirometer, Skin fold Caliper, Hydraulic Pinch Gauge, Manual Muscle Tester, Thera bands and Thera tubes etc