Treatments undertaken in the department

Conservative aesthetic procedures

⇛ Bleaching
⇛ Diaestema correction
⇛ Veneers
⇛ Recontouring and reshaping tooth

Restorative procedures

⇛ Direct restorations Amalgam, composite, GIC restorations
⇛ Indirect restorations inlays , onlays, indirect composite

Managament of traumatized teeth

⇛ Restorations of crown and root fractures
⇛ Splinting
⇛ Reimplantations
⇛ Reattachment of broken fragments

Endodontic therapy

⇛ Hand and rotary Root canal treatments
⇛ Single sitting root canal treatment

Post endodontic treatment

⇛ Post and cores
⇛ Crowns – metal, PFM, All ceramic

Surgical treatments and microsurgical procedures

⇛ Hemi section/bicuspidization
⇛ Periapical surgery
⇛ Reimplantations
⇛ Microscopic surgery


⇛ Removal of separated instruments, obturating materials, post and cores,
⇛ Management of perforations, ledges, transportations.

Vital pulp therapy

⇛ Direct and indirect pulp capping
⇛ Pulpotomy
⇛ Apexogenesis and apexification
⇛ revascularization