Achievements of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics

FACE 2014

SGT university had the proud privilege of hosting FACE 2014 for the first time in North India on 27th,28th and 29th March. FACE (Forum for the Advancement of Craniofacial Esthetics) started in the year 1994, at Thrissur, as a training programme in Facial Esthetic Surgery. Many eminent surgeons, orthodontists and other specialists joined the team to conduct programmes regularly in various parts of the country, benefiting many individuals afflicted with facial deformities.

Some of the most experienced faculty members from Southern India, where Orthognathic surgeries are routine, were invited to address a wide spectrum of cases including diagnostic evaluation, the role of orthodontics in Orthognathic surgery, surgical techniques and complication prevention.

Clinical Pearls in Orthodontics: An IBO Awareness Programme on 19th January 2015

Our department set the ball rolling this year too as it hosted the first CDE on 19th January: “Clinical Pearls in Orthodontics: An IBO Awareness Program”. The objective was to encourage as well as guide orthodontic postgraduates for preparation of the three phase exam conducted by Indian Board of Orthodontics, upon clearing which, one qualifies as a Diplomate of Indian Board of Orthodontics, the most prestigious honour for an Orthodontist practicing in our country. The lectures were delivered by the five Board Directors themselves, thanks to Dr. Sidhu, whose efforts brought these orthodontic luminaries from distant parts of the country on a common platform at SGT.

Smile Torch


In keeping with the spirit of the "Smile Torch" initiative, Department of Orthodontics, Faculty of Dental Sciences, SGT University hosted various events to increase awareness about Orthodontics as a speciality. Oral Health Examinations were conducted using the WHO Forms. Approximately 800 students were screened for malocclusion belonging to various Faculties at SGT University namely, Faculty of Dental Sciences, Engineering and Nursing. The purpose of conducting these camps was to identify malocclusion and inspire and motivate students to get orthodontic treatment done. A poster competition was organized among BDS students and Interns in addition to a Best Smile Competition.


Orthodontics aims at achieving alignment of malpositioned teeth through a number of treatment mechanisms. It is the art of dentistry that not only deals with teeth and occlusion but it is also related to human face. Improving overall facial esthetics is the main goal of orthodontic specialty. The desired tooth movements are brought about by using brackets and archwires which are considered bread and butter of orthodontics. Unlike other dental specialities, orthodontics involves a year or two of active treatment, so use of treatment mechanisms which are able to attain highest degree of patient’s goodwill have become obligatory. As a result, today in 21st century, modern orthodontic treatment mechanisms for both child and adult are geared towards attaining reduced treatment time, improved esthetics, minimum pain.


The department has most advanced and latest machines to make it a complete Postgraduate department in itself

  • Digital SLR(Canon) camera
  • Hydrosolder
  • Electropolisher
  • Biostar
  • Dry heat sterilizer
  • Multidisc model trimmers
  • Alginate mixers
  • Wall mounting view boxes
  • Cephalometric tracing room
  • Nemoceph (software for digital tracing)
  • The department follows proper sterilization protocol everyday morning before starting patient work

For sterilization department has :

  • Digital autoclave
  • Ultraviolet chamber
  • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Glass bead sterilizer
  • Needle destroyer
  • Hot water sterilizer
  • Formalin chamber

Following Types of Treatments are done in Department:

  • Fixed Orthodontics
  • Fixed Functional Appliances
  • Myofunctional Appliances
  • Aligners
  • Cleft Lip and Palate
  • Orthognathic Surgery
  • Removable appliances
  • Invisible Orthodontics

Research Activities

S.NO Speciality CATEGORY Project title Name of the student Name of Guide Completed/ ongoing
1. ORTHODONTICS THESIS Comparative evaluation of pharyngeal airway volumes by Herbst appliance in Class II patients using cone beam computed tomography Dr. Himanshu Sansanwal Dr. Seema Grover Ongoing
2. ORTHODONTICS THESIS A Three Dimensional CBCT study to evaluate dentoskeletal changes produced in Class II patients treated with a fixed functional appliance Dr. Jasmine Nindra Dr. M.S. Sidhu Ongoing
3. ORTHODONTICS THESIS Profiles of salivary biomarkers during conventional versus micro-osteoperforation assisted canine retraction :- An in vivo study Dr. Nishant Malik Dr. Mona Prabhakar Ongoing
4. ORTHODONTICS THESIS Evaluation of morphometric changes in alveolar bone and roots of anterior teeth following orthodontic treatment ~ 3D Study. Dr. Sugandha Goel Dr. M.S. Sidhu Ongoing
5. ORTHODONTICS THESIS Evaluating levels of Streptococcus mutans using probiotic lozenges and oral suspension containing probiotic bacteria in fixed orthodontic patients Dr. Anudeep Kaur Dr. Seema Grover Ongoing
6. ORTHODONTICS THESIS A 3-dimensional assessment of dentoskeletal variations in unilateral cleft patients using Cone Beam Computed Tomography Dr. Mehar Teja Dr. Mona Prabhakar Ongoing
7. ORTHODONTICS THESIS Finite Element Stress Analysis of maxillofacial complex after skeletally anchored fixed functional appliance therapy Dr. Isha Duggal Dr M.S. Sidhu Ongoing
8. ORTHODONTICS THESIS A comparitive evaluation of anterior maxillary corticotomy facilitated versus conventional fixed mechanotherapy for en-masse retraction of anterior teeth- An In Vivo study Dr. Parveen Kumar Dr. Ashish Dabas Ongoing
9. ORTHODONTICS THESIS Evaluation of dentoskeletal changes following en-masse retraction of anterior teeth using microosteoperforation- A CBCT study Dr.Sanjay Singh Dr. Seema Grover Ongoing
10. ORTHODONTICS THESIS A study of facial photographic analysis, proportional analysis and smile index using standardized facial photographs Dr. Ankit Gupta Dr. Mona Prabhakar Ongoing
11. ORTHODONTICS THESIS Evaluation of role of surface treatment on teeth subjected to interproximal reduction- A SEM study Dr.Achla Verma Dr.Ashish Dabas Ongoing
12. ORTHODONTICS THESIS Evaluation Of Dental Arch Forms Of Indo-Aryan And Mongoloid Ethnicity Using 3-Dimentional Models And Its Correlation With Pre-Formed Arch Wires – An In-Vitro Study. Dr.Atrayee Barman Dr M.S. Sidhu Ongoing
13. ORTHODONTICS THESIS A Comparative Evaluation Of Piezocision Facilitated Orthodontics And Conventional Fixed Mechanotherapy For Anterior Retraction- A CBCT Study Dr.Praveen Raghav Dr. Seema Grover Ongoing
14. ORTHODONTICS THESIS A Cephalometric Evaluation of Dentoskeletal Variables in Three different facial types Dr.Umer Ul Hassan Dr. Mona Prabhakar Ongoing

Ongoing Research Projects

1. Dr. Ankit- A study of facial photographic analysis, proportional analysis and smile index using standardized facial photographs.
2. Dr. Ekta- Lip and cheek pressure assessment and its role in various malocclusion- an in vivo study
3. Dr. Gauravdeep- Evaluation of pulp vitality and surface characteristics in tooth after application of intrusive orthodontic forces- an in vivo study
4. Dr. Munish- Evaluation of tongue volume in different dentoskeletal patterns- A CBCT study.
5. Dr. Shubham- Hard and soft tissue changes in Class I Bimaxillary protrusion and Class II Division I patients : A cephalometric study
6. Dr. Sumreet- Quantitative assessment of maxillary and mandibular bone thickness for orthodontic miniscrew placement: A CBCT Study.

Training Programmes:

1. BDS : The Subject of Orthodontics is divided uniformly in four years .

  • First year: the basics of Dental materials used in Orthodontics is taught in detail.
  • Second year: wire bending in variety of shapes is taught for the students to learn basics of wire bending.
  • Third year: we provide exposure to patients , and they are taught how to take impressions . Apart from patient work , students learn how to fabricate variety of wire components.
  • Final year: students learn case history taking , model analyses , cephalometric analyses and fabricate various removable appliances.

2. MDS in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

PG students are taught the concept and clinical use of :

  • Fixed Orthodontics
  • Fixed Functional Appliances
  • Myofunctional Appliances
  • Aligners
  • Cleft Lip and Palate
  • Orthognathic Surgery
  • Removable appliances
  • Invisible Orthodontics

Apart from practical work , PG students have to present Poster and Paper in National Conferences and Convention.
PG students also need to submit Thesis and Library Dissertation for fulfillment of requirement for obtaining Masters degree in Orthodontics.


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