The world is on the cusp of entering a new reality in which human potential itself will become the major agent of economic growth. Unleashing this spirit and potential will become the ultimate quest that we must seek to conquer, as the world enters the Human Age. The inescapable pressure to do more with less through the recession has awakened employers to the true power of human potential: With the right people in the right place at the right time, organizations can achieve all they did before, and more! These new pressures are creating a scenario where the only way to adapt, evolve and rebuild will be through the determination of the human spirit.

As organizations and governments realize that the only path to success is through unleashing human potential, and providing an appropriate environment in which to do so, the motivations and preferences of individuals will become increasingly important. Understanding how to unleash this spirit, passion and potential is not a one-size-fits-all approach and will require employers to engage with their people on a human level. Technology is transforming how we interact, live and work, enabling the rapid and unfiltered exchange of ideas and innovation in an increasingly connected world. We are now in the third generation of information technology. First there were photocopiers, pocket calculators and faxes. Then mobile phones, computers and laptops. And now the Internet, Wi-Fi, the BlackBerry, iPhone and social media.

The arrival of the Human Age will have a number of profound consequences on the world of work as the world adjusts to the fact that there will be no reset to “normal.” The ability to make sense of this change will define the winning companies and individuals. Skilled individuals—in increasingly short supply—will dictate their terms to employers, of how, where and when they work. They will naturally gravitate toward industries which offer the best career development options, display a commitment to corporate social responsibility and contribute to the communities where they are located. Companies must become more agile in how they attract, train and develop their employees, rethinking their people practices and workforce structures to ensure they have the best environment to unlock the creativity, innovation, empathy, passion and intellectual curiosity that sit at the heart of what it means to be human.

Hence with these facts, I wish you all good luck for your future endeavors.